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Ruge el bosque

 ecopoetry in Abya Yala/Afro-/Latin-América

Ruge el bosque [The Forest Roars] is a collaborative project about literature & ecology. Our goal is to initiate transnational & intercultural conversations about the role of literature from Abya Yala/Afro-/Latin America in the context of ongoing climate crisis. We seek to underscore how the region’s poetic production shapes emerging politics & literary ecologies, as well as how poetry works, especially in Indigenous communities, to revitalize endangered ecosystems & languages.

Together comprising a series of regional ecopoetry anthologies, each volume of Ruge el bosque is conceived of as a site of preservation & resistance for specific communities & territories. The first volume, Ruge el bosque: ecopoesía del Cono Sur (Caleta Olivia, 2023), highlights Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay & their borderlands & includes poetry written in Guaraní, Spanish & Portuñol. The second volume, Ruge el bosque: ecopoesía de Mesoamerica (in progress), compiles poetic expressions written in the languages of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize & Costa Rica. Subsequent volumes will focus on poetry from the Guianas & the Caribbean (vol. 3), the Andean states (vol. 4) & the Amazon Basin (vol. 5).

In conjunction with the anthology, Ruge el bosque writes & produces ECOTECA, an experimental podcast available on our main website or through Spotify

Ruge el bosque is a collaboration between Valeria Meiller, Whitney DeVos & Javiera Pérez Salerno.

Learn more about the project here.

banner image © 2023 Analía Iglesias for Ruge el bosque

Ruge el bosque: About Me

volumen 1: Cono Sur

Caleta Olivia [Argentina] | June 2023

Ruge el bosque: Ecopoetry of the Southern Cone brings together ecopoetic expressions from Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay & their borderlands. Written in whole or in part in Indigenous languages such as Guaraní, Quechua & Chana, as well as in Portuñol & Spanish, the texts gathered in this volume constitute an urgent collective reflection on the disappearance of the natural, linguistic & cultural diversity of the Southern Cone region within the context of the global climate crisis.

Poets: Carlos Soto Román - Ana Gayoso - Gregorio Gomez Centurion - Christian Aedo Jorquera - Victoria Cóccaro - Victoria Ramirez - Valeria Mussio - Begoña Ugalde - Mario Castells - Natalia Garay - Victoria Herreros Schenke - Valentina Unda - Antolin Olgiatti - Tuti Curani - Alberto Sepulveda Burgos - Natalia Sosa Molina - Paloma Sánchez - Pilar Otero - Cecilia Eraso - Claudia Magliano - Fabian Severo - Silvia Guerra - Valentin Etchegaray - Carolina Rack

Ruge el bosque: Welcome

ECOTECA podcast: un bosque sonoro

ya disponible en eSpotify

temporada 1: Cono Sur

Capítulo 1: Rugen los humedales

Capítulo 2: Rugen las zonas de sacrificio

Capítulo 3: Rugen las aguas envenenadas

Capítulo 4: Rugen las lenguas

Capítulo 5: Rugen las especies en extinción

Capítulo 6: Rugen los montes

Ruge el bosque: Work
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